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WJYL-TV 45 Louisville, Kentucky
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30-years's as Kentuckiana's Longest running 24-hour Christian TV!
WJYL-TV 16 is in its 30th year of 24-Hour a day Christian telecasting in Kentuckiana. Thanks to all of the wonderful friends and partners that believe in the vision and believe in the preaching and teaching of the word of God though the airwaves.  I believe that 2016 holds the greatest potential and promise for the body of Christ that we have ever known.  Let's maintain and preserve the airwaves for the Kingdom of God.  Stand with us financially and prayerfully as we together reach thousands of souls for Jesus Christ!
WJYL-TV 16  P.O. Box 2605
Clarksville, Indiana 47131
Thanks for your support and your prayers!  
Be blessed in Jesus name!!!

16.1   TBN
16.2   The Church Channel
16.3   JCTV
16.4   Smile of a Child
16.5   Enlace

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